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Trading & Wholesale Department

Importing safe and secure frozen marine products,
meats and agricultural products from every countries of the world.

The CRALAY Trading & Wholesale Department, which handles imported frozen marine products, meats, and agricultural products, as its main business, develops and imports multiple products meeting the consumer's needs in foreign countries, and sells in Japan.

In addition, we export marine products unloaded in Japan to overseas.

Trading company

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore,Norway,Ireland,Iceland,Estonia,Chile,Peru,Brazil,etc.

Marine products Section


We get frozen marine products such as Southeast Asian shrimp, Chilean salmon, and European mackerel that are from fishing grounds around the world, and sell to nationwide wholesalers.
Taking advantage of the worldwide network that the people in charge have built through longtime relationships of mutual trust, we have the preparations to stably supply marine products within Japan.

Main Items

  • Shrimp:Farming and wild shrimp / H/L,H/O,PD,PUD,PTO,PTOS raw or coocked
  • Salmon and trout:Trout, Atlantic salmon, Coho salmon fillet, Dress, Salmon roe, Processed food
  • Shellfish:Scallops, Short necked clam, Clam, BAI-GAI, and others
  • Northern fish:Mackerel, Greenland halibut, Red fish, Cod, and others
  • Southern fish:Sillago, King clip, Hoki, and others
  • Others:Roasted eel with soy-based sauce,All of the breaded items, All of the sushi items, Seafood mix(short neked clam,squid,pud shrimp)

Marine products

Meats & Agricultural products Section
Agricultural products Team

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We import frozen vegetables from New Zealand, China and other countries.
Also we purchase the domestic frozen vegetables. Our handling items are French fries, Corns, Mixed vegetables, Taro, and Spinach etc. And we sell those frozen vegetables to domestic customers.

Main Items

  • Frozen vegetables (domestic, China, New Zealand, others)
  • Fried potato,Cone,Mix vegetables,Taro,spinach

Agricultural products

Meats & Agricultural products Section
Meats Team


Import frozen chicken, pork, and beef from Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, and sells them to nationwide wholesalers and product processors.

We also handle some chilled meat.
We have stocks for all parts of chicken, pork, and beef.
In terms of chicken, we provide such products as yakitori, processed foods such as fried chicken, chicken wings, and chicken stick. In addition, we also handle special meats such as duck, mutton, deer, and wild boar.

The people in charge regularly go to every countries of the world, have established a network with edible meat suppliers with excellent hygiene management skills, and ensure safe and secure meat to provide for our customers.

Full-scale charcoal fire Yakitori line

Main Items

  • Imported chicken, pork, beef (From Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Oceania)
  • Yakitori, processed foods such as fried chicken, etc., chicken wings, and chicken stick.
  • Special meat: duck, sheep, deer, and wild boar

Feed & Raw material fish Section

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We purchase marine products that are carefully selected according to freshness and sizes meeting all needs, such as sardines, mackerel, horse mackerel, pacific saury and sand lance unloaded in foreshore of Japan and overseas. We also supply feed that is used in aquaculture, such as for yellowtail, tiger puffer, red sea bream, and bluefin tuna, to the farmers.

In addition, we also handle feed for fishing bait such as opossum shrimps and krill.

Taking advantage of the purchasing routes that have been cultivated for years, we are also working on an exporting business for yellowtail, mackerel, sardines, horse mackerel, and other raw materials used in fishery processing, to domestic manufacturers and overseas customers such as Southeast Asia.

Main Items

  • Feed for fish culture,Processd raw material,fishing bait.
  • Japanese sardine, Japanese anchovy, Round herring, Mackerel, Horse mackerel, Amberstripe scad, Pacific saury, Yellowtail, Japanese common squid, Frigate mackerel, Spanish mackerel, Gizzard shad, Leather fish, sand lance, krill and other marine products.

Culture & fishing feed,processed raw material


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TEL: +81-93-475-1121FAX: +81-93-475-1127

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