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preparation for the future,
and bringing food to your table.

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1952 May. Towa Suisan Co., Ltd. established in Osaka City with capital of 5 million yen
1954 Jan. Headquarters moved to Kokura City and company name changed to Kokura Ice and Cold storage Co., Ltd.
1955 Jan. Capital increased to 20 million yen
Aug. Asano Cold storage and ice making business commenced
Nov. Capital increased to 36 million yen
1957 May. Capital increased to 46 million yen
1958 May. Capital increased to 55 million yen
1963 Jan. Land purchased in Otemachi for warehouse and Otemachi warehouse business commenced
Company name changed to Kokura Cold storage Co., Ltd.
1965 Oct. Processing and sale of marine and agricultural business commenced
1969 May. Land purchased for Sone Cold storage
Dec. Capital increased to 65 million yen
1970 Oct. Sone Cold storage business commenced
1971 Sept. Capital increased to 80 million yen
1974 Oct. Acquired Sugawara Transportation Limited
1988 June. Land purchased for Nishiminato Cold storage
1990 Oct. Company name changed to the CRALAY Co., Ltd.
Headquarters relocated to Nakasone Higashi KokuraMinami-ku
1991 Mar. Nishiminato Logistic Service Center business commenced and permit obtained of bonded.
May. Headquarters building completed
1995 Dec. Otemachi warehouse business closed
1996 Feb. Asano Cold storage business closed
1997 May. Land purchased for Fukuoka Logistic Service Center
1998 Oct. Fukuoka Logistic Service Center business commenced and permitobtained of bonded. Fukuoka Retail Sales Section opened
1999 Aug. Oita Retail Sales Section opened
2006 Aug. Construction on CRALAY Asano Building scheduled for completion
2008 Nov. Construction on CRALAY Kusami warehouse for completion
2014 April. Kusami warehouse commenced the Solar Power
July. Fukuoka Office commenced the Solar Power
2016 Dec. Transfer of Sugawara Transportation Limited to Fukuoka Unyu Co.,ltd.

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