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Management Department

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Processing and commercializing crab “the leading
product of CRALAY” in our own processing plant.

The CRALAY Processing Department mainly handles crab, which is a leading product of CRALAY. Imported frozen king crab, snow crab, blue king crab and other crabs are processed into products such as cut crab and crab packaged by weight in the our own processing plant within the headquarter grounds. These products are delivered to you not only through major supermarkets but also commercial wholesalers and wholesale markets. It is also delivered locally through the our company's Retail Sales Department to local supermarkets, hotels and other businesses.

The our company‘s leading products are frozen king crabs and frozen snow crabs. The king crabs are imported mainly from Russia and the United States while the snow crabs are from Russia, the United States and Canada. But imports from the Barents Sea—which have been gaining attention in recent years—has also increased.

Since the quality of the material directly affects the quality of many crab products, we take special care by inspecting quality such as taste, freshness, color, appearance, frozen condition, salinity and yield when purchasing the crabs. We continue to practice our motto of “Good products are born from good materials,” which is also the basic policy of the Processing Department since its establishment.

The crabs are carefully and quickly processed by local part-time workers through the manufacturing process, from cutting to finally metal detection and packaging. Afterwards it is stored in the our own cold storage until affiliated and contracted transport companies deliver it nationally.

The “vidro cut,” which is a common name of a shelling method when processing crabs, was actually what our department called the method when we started crab processing, which then spread nationally.

In addition, the CRALAY's processing plant is trusted as a certified plant by major supermarkets and manufacturers.

We hold direct sales of crabs at the end of the year.

Additionally at the end of the year, the Processing Departments holds direct sales of crabs and other marine products at the crab processing plant for the local residents.
We hope the local residents can enjoy products that only a crab processing company can deliver.

Processing Department handling Item


Tray Item

  • ・Boiled center-cut king crab
  • ・Boiled vidro-cut king crab
  • ・Fresh frozen vidro-cut king crab
  • ・Boiled vidro-cut snow crab
  • ・Boiled snow crab shoulder pack
  • ・Boiled vidro-cut king crab packaged in a
    wooden box

Gift box・Small box Item

  • ・Boiled king crab gift box
  • ・Boiled vidro-cut king crab gift box
  • ・Fresh frozen king crab gift box
  • ・Boiled snow crab gift box
  • ・Fresh frozen snow crab gift box
  • ・Boiled snow crab small gift box

Crab claw Item

  • ・Boiled snow crab claw with shell
    (cut for easy shelling)
  • ・Boiled snow crab potion
  • ・Fresh frozen snow crab potion
  • ・Boiled King crab claw with shell
    (cut for easy shelling)

Raw material ・ Other

  • ・Boiled snow crab section
  • ・Fresh frozen snow crab section
  • ・Boiled king crab section
  • ・Fresh frozen king crab section
  • ・Boiled blue king crab section
  • ・Fresh frozen blue king crab section
  • ・Boiled triangle tanner crab section
  • ・Boiled hair crab
  • ・Boiled king crab shrink
  • ・Boiled snow crab gift box
  • ・Boiled snow crab legs
  • ・Boiled a whole snow crab

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