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Management Department

Kitakyushu Sales Section
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Fukuoka Sales Section
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Oita Sales Section
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We are a retail sales department for commercial food
that pursues safety and great taste.

The CRALAY Retail Sales Department offers a wide range of products from our focus on domestic and overseas marine products, ranging all the way to agricultural products and meats as well as processed foods.

Our three bases of operation are located in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, and Oita. Our employees deliver goods to customers in the area on a daily basis.
Broadly taking in the ever-changing needs of the consumers for food along with changes in the times and relaying that information immediately to our relevant departments in-house enables us to put forth concrete product development suggestions that suit those needs.

The Strengths of the CRALAY Retail Sales Department.

Leveraging the function of our Trading&Wholesale Department that develops a great deal of our products overseas and imports them directly allows us to deliver CRALAY original products to our customers.

With crab products, we elicit the assistance of our Processing Department which enables us to provide original products incorporating customer requests at our own processing plant.

At our own tuna processing plants, we provide cuts of frozen tuna in accordance with customer requests. In recent years, the demand for bluefin tuna in the waters near Kyushu has also been on the rise and we respond to requests such as these as well.

Under our motto of “Safe and Secure”, we deliver great-tasting ingredients from Japan and abroad in refrigerated trucks. Having the full range of functions from the procurement, processing, storage, and delivery of products is the strength of the CRALAY Retail Sales Department.

Main Items


Lobstar Australia, India, Cuba, Sri Lanka, South Africa
Headless shrimp Natural and cultivated shrimp from all production sites(BT,T,W,BA,P), all sizes
Headon shrimp Natural and cultivated shrimp from all production sites(BT,T,W,BA,P), all sizes
Shelled shrimp Each producing area whole shelled, shelled with tails, each size such as IQF

Frozen fish

Southern frozen fishes Hoki,nile perch,sillago,others
Northern frozen fishes Greenland halibut, souhachi flounder, yellowfin sole, pacific ocean perch,fresh atlantic,others Atlantic fish
Squid, octopus Loligo, cuttle fish, squid, squid roll, octopus, others
Shellfish, salmon, and trout Scallop, Asian green mussel, bloody clam, keen's gaper, surf clam, trout, chile choho salmon, sockeye salmon, chum salmon,others
Solted and dried, Roe, Processed product Red caviar,salted mackere,blowfish,eel,herring roe, spicy cod roe,others
Crabs Raw king crab, boiled king crab, raw snow crab, boiled snow crab,blue clab,others
Sushi Items Sliced squid, sushi shrimp, raw shrimp, tuna,congereel, salmon, crabstick meat,sea urchin roe,others


Tuna items Pacific bluefin tuna, Indian tuna,marlin, bigeye tuna, yellowfin tuna、skipjack tuna, various products,others


Meat items Chicken, beef (chilled, frozen), pork (chilled, frozen), Domestic beef, others


Frozen vegetables Taro,green soybeans,broccoli,potato,others
Processing frozen foods Nudles,each manufacturer products,others

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