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Logistics Department

We are engaged in offering excellent cold storage services.

The CRALAY Logistics Department operates three cold storage that are based in both Fukuoka and Kitakyushu cities, the largest consuming region of Kyushu.

They are the Fukuoka Logistic Service Center in Kashiihama futo, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka city, the Nishiminato Logistic Service Center in Nishiminato, Kokura kita-ku, Kitakyushu city, and the Sone Cold storage in Nakasone, Kokura minami-ku, Kitakyushu city.

All CRALAY Cold storage acquired the Green Management Certification.
Incidentally, both the Fukuoka LSC and the Nishiminato LSC are the first certified cold storage in Kyushu.

The CRALAY Cold storage, mainly using the two-temperature zones of freezing and refrigeration, implement both inventory and expiration date management using our own management system.

For the Fukuoka LSC, we have a system that can be accessed from our website to browse the inventory of the cold storage.

The most often received compliment from our customers is “the CRALAY Cold storage has a short waiting time for unloading.” When we receive an order for unloading in advance, the products is prepared by no later than the customer’s arrival. We can reliably deliver the correct quantity of products to the owners at their desired time.

At CRALAY we are also thoroughly observant of the 5S activities.

The inside of the cold storage is always clean.
We make sure the products that we receive maintain their original or even better condition when we unload them.
We pay close attention to the handling of products, and it's also vital to greet their owners.
An uncompromising management of equipment and sanitation is the reason for our customer satisfaction.

We, the CRALAY Logistics Department make all efforts for our customers’ needs, and our mission is to aim for complete customer satisfaction.

We create a space for our customers, and continue to provide services that satisfy our customers.

In addition, as a members of food handling company, we promise to provide “safety and security” to our customers.

Fukuoka Logistic Service Center (Fukuoka LSC)


The Fukuoka Logistic Service Center is located in the Kashii park port in Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, which is a container terminal base of Kyushu.

It is close to the Kyushu Expressway Fukuoka IC, Fukuoka Urban Expressway Route 1, Route 3, Fukuoka Airport, and Hakozaki futo, so it has excellent transportation access.

Site area is 9,400 square meters, building area is 4,870 square meters, total floor area is 16,770 square meters, and it can accommodate up to 20,130 tons of frozen or refrigerated food and industrial products.

Store the products at optimal temperature.
In the Fukuoka Logistic Service Center, there are a variety of frozen and cold storage such as the 5000 palette corresponding three-dimensional automated warehouse, 3200 pallet compatible mobile rack warehouse, ultra-low temperature warehouse, and flatly placing warehouse.

A temperature zone corresponds to frozen or refrigerated.
In a clean warehouse that is tended to with sanitation management, we can store products at the optimum temperature.

The main stored products are frozen foods for the freezer, such as frozen agricultural products, livestock, fishery products, liquid eggs, fruit juices, and industrial products. Fresh vegetables, fruits, chilled meat, etc., are refrigerated.

Product storage corresponds to both few kinds of goods with large-lots and multi kinds of goods with small-lots.

Implemented “quick service labor” with
high technology.
Manage loading and unloading of products using a bar code, and inventory management is done via a pallet unit.
Our customers can confirm details of the stored products, such as the expiration date and amount of stock, from our website.

With the benefit of managing them in pallet unit, picking according to the customers' needs is also available.
We perform “single picking,” which is a product sorting method by the store unit, “total picking,” which is a store sorting method by product unit, and also reliably smooth picking according to customer requirements.

A mobile terminal is installed in the forklift to carry the products.
Connected to the central computer with wireless LAN, it is easy to search for product information, and the location of stored products can be tracked instantly.
Using the bar code in unloading management, we deliver products accurately and quickly.

The Fukuoka Logistic Service Center brings together high technology, and in regards to customer advance orders, have adopted the posture of quick product delivery without customer waiting.
Track berths that correspond to container.
Within the Fukuoka LSC’s 9400 square meter grounds, containers and 25 units from large trucks to small cars are parked at the same time, and there are also track berths (parking space) that can handle the loading and unloading of products.
It is possible to load and unload the products from a large lot to a small lot.

Size Site Area: 9,400.27m2
Building Area: 4,871.98 m2
Floor Space: 16,774.24 m2
Automated Cold Storage: S-structure rack building (14 levels);
Cold Storage / Large Disposal Facility: 3-floor RC-structure;
Business Office / Private Cold Storage / Small Disposal Facility: 4-floor S-structure
Capacity Freezer class Automated Storage Warehouse: 10,732 ton
Freezer class Mobile Rack Storage Warehouse: 2,882 ton
Child&Freezer class Mobile Rack Storage Warehouse: 2,810 ton
Freezer class No Rack Storage Warehouse: 1,674 ton
Child&Freezer class No Rack Storage Warehouse: 900 ton
Private super freezer Storage Warehouse: 120 ton
Private Freezer class Storage Warehouse: 1,012 ton
Total Capacity: 20,130 ton
Others Operating Cold Storage,
Automotive Freight Handling,
Customs Storage Facility,
Designated Animal Quarantine Facility

Nishiminato Logistic Service Center (Nishiminato LSC)

The Nishiminato Logistic Service Center is located in Nishiminato in Kokura kita-ku, Kitakyushu city, and carries out the loading/unloading and storage management of industrial product materials and food ingredients such as vegetable production.
The cold storage in the Nishiminato LSC has a holding capacity totaling 8600 tons and is able to store products in the temperature zones requested by customers.

Size Site Area: 5,310.07m2
Floor Space / Cold Storage: 6,405.04 m2
Disposal Facility: 1,580.03 m2
Capacity Cold Storage
-30℃ to -25℃: 5,200 ton
-25℃ to -5℃: 1,300 ton
-25℃ to -+5℃: 1,450 ton
-5℃ to +10℃: 650 ton
Total: 8,600 ton
Mobile Racks: 4-level loading, 2,312 pallets
Drive-in Racks: 3-level loading, 1,000 pallets
Fork Lifts: Nine 1.8-ton reach, two counter-balance
Elevators: One hydraulic 3-ton
Automated Vertical Conveyors: Two 1.5 ton
Dock Shelters: Nine (including one air shelter)
Others Operating Cold Storage,
Designated Animal Quarantine Facility,
Customs Storage Facility,
Automotive Freight Handling

Sone Cold storage

The Sone Cold storage is located in the headquarters area of the CRALAY co., ltd. in Kokura minami-ku, Kitakyushu.
The cold storage is divided into five rooms and carries out the loading/unloading and storage management of mainly frozen and refrigerated agricultural and meats products.

Capacity #1: 1,697 m3 (-20°C)
#2: 1,356 m3 (-20°C)
#3: 1,334 m3 (-20°C)
#4: 3,640 m3 (-20°C)
4C: 604 m3 (±0°C)

Note: Room #4 functions as a cold delivery center for our Retail Sales Department.

The Sone Cold storage is in a good location that is easy to access from the new Kitakyushu Airport, which supports 24 hour takeoffs and landings.

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