Pursuing safe, reliable food
preparation for the future,
and bringing food to your table.

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Striving to be just a step ahead

Since the establishment of our company in 1952, we have always sought to provide services that are of value to society.
From the beginning, we have expanded our scope into various areas of the food distribution industry, making us the well rounded supplier of food products we are today.
We are most grateful for everyone’s support, which has been a big factor in our success.

In the rapidly changing present, we, as part of the food industry supporting a richer and healthier alimentary lifestyle, are obligated to come up with ever newer services to meet society’s changing needs.
In this difficult environment CRALAY is, in addition to the supply of safe and trustworthy food products, continuously challenging the norm by delivering unique and innovative services.
This spirit is at the core of our company’s vision, which is to strive to be a company whose service is always just one step ahead of the customer’s needs.

We sincerely hope for your continued support in the future.


Oki Kazuo

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